Making Orders from Europe and USA

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Armored Track Model...

We are not same as other modelling shops.  We offer you special modelling items and sure that we have many items you will love.

You can make orders from our e-shop and pay with your credit cards. However we need to inform you a few points.

- We can ship the items to Europe, USA and Canada.

- You will see the prices in only Turkish Lira due to our web site infrastructure. Don't worry, when you buy anything it will be paid in your currency according to current exchange rate.

- Our payment provider is Iyzico. When you make an order you will be reached to Iyzico's payment page and you can pay your order there.

- Our standart shipping rate is 35€. This cost will be seen in Turkish Lira in your payment page and order page too.

- We don't collect any custom payments when you order us. Custom taxes will be applied in your country.

You can reach us via e-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. Links are here. Feel free to message us:

Tel: +90 532 200 5828